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Are your trainers certified instructors?

All of our trainers are, at minimum, CrossFit Level 1 Trainers (CF-L1 Trainer) or certified group fitness instructors. For more information on each trainer please check out our trainer bios.

How do I start group fitness classes?

All NEW Unity Wellness class members will need to complete our 5-session onboarding process before registering for a class. Within the five sessions you will learn about the gym, gym norms, class flow, and basic movements. These sessions will be completed one-on-one with a personal trainer. The cost is $110 for the five sessions, once the sessions are completed your first month of classes are FREE! Please contact to participate in the new member onboarding process.

I'm nervous to try something new. What if I can't keep up?

You have to start where you are at! The 5-session onboarding package is very helpful in getting you started on your fitness journey. You will work 1-in-1 with a personal trainer that will help you navigate the gym lingo and basic movements before starting a class. All class instructors are knowledgeable in making adjustments to any workout to help you get the best workout for YOU!

Do I need to know all of the movements before I start?

No! But you will learn a lot of the movements in the 5-session onboarding process that is required before you take classes. These sessions will be set up with a personal trainer and will get you acclimated to the gym! These sessions cost $110 and, once completed, you will get your first month of classes free!

What should I wear? Do I need any specific workout gear?

We always want you to be comfortable, thus wear whatever you feel best in and can move in. If that's spandex and a tank top, great. If it's baggy sweats and a loose T-shirt, great! A clean pair of tennis shoes will top it off.

How do I register/sign up for fitness classes?

The 5-session onboarding process is required before you take classes. These sessions will be set up with a personal trainer and will get you acclimated to the gym. Email: to get signed-up for classes.

LRH Wellness has an app for iTunes and Android. Drop-ins and the 10-punch card can be purchased through the app. Unlimited passes must be purchased through the coaches. All punch card and unlimited passes can be managed through the app. Check the class schedule and sign up for the class you want to attend!

A desktop/laptop version of the app can be found here.

*If you have already participated in any LRH Wellness services please contact your coach or trainer for your username and password.*

Do you have locker rooms and showers?

We do! The men's and women's locker rooms each have one shower. Towels are provided. Check out photos of our facilities!

Do you take insurance?

Insurance will offset some of your monthly costs. Inquire with our team if you carry one of the following insurance plans:

Active 'n Fit

Blue Cross, Blue Shield of ND

Fleet Farm

Health Partners


Preferred One

Sanford Health

Silver 'n Fit

Silver Sneakers


Do I need to see a doctor before I start?

If you have any concerns that could be exacerbated by exercise it is suggested you visit with your doctor before you start.

What is btwb (Beyond the Whiteboard)?

btwb is the WOD recording app the members use to keep track of their workouts. Measurable, observable, and repeatable, WODs are helpful to gauge your fitness level and improvements. Keeping track of your data also allows you to determine what weights to use.

btwb is also a sort of social media for the gym. You can give each other fist bumps and comment on others workouts. If you do not want to have your workouts for everyone to see, you can keep them private.

btwb is easy to use. You can search workouts without flipping through a notebook and your PR lifts are listed for you to see. If you do your own workout, like running a 5k race, you can make your own workout and enter your results.

To sign-up for btwb follow the correct link and email for the CrossFit Fergus Falls password.



What if I have trouble with my knees, hips, shoulder, etc.?

We will teach you modifications to use throughout the class so that you are able to keep moving along with us, just in your own way. It's all about you and what you can do.

Where are you located?

LRH Community Wellness is located at 619 S Cascade St., Fergus Falls, MN. We are kitty-corner across the street from the main door of the hospital.

Phone: 218.736.8451


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