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Unity Wellness (UW) Swimming Lessons

The Unity Wellness Program in Fergus Falls is a gift from Tom Uvaas to the community. The swim program started in 2008 as Foss Swimming Tom Uvaas. Tom's UW swimming program is well structured all about the child or individual, with enthusiastic instruction and FUN!

There are three levels of instruction: Little (ages 3 - 5), Middle (ages 5 - 7), and Big (ages 8 - adult). Tot lessons are not offered because of the size of the pool. It makes no difference if the purpose is for a child to be comfortable with placing his/her face in the water and learning a safety-turn, or an accomplished swimmer learning how to improve in the four competitive swim strokes; the structure and repetition are the same to achieve individual excellence.

Another unique thing about the Fergus Falls program is the facility at the Mehl Center, where we have a small Endless Pool (with current!), and the water temperature is at a comfortable 92 degrees. A parent or adult is required at the lesson where deck participation is encouraged and "homework" is given to help the success of the experience.

Though the instruction seems child-oriented, everything in the lesson is based on sophisticated competitive techniques for excellence in the water. Tom has coached many MN State swimmers and collegiate swimmers!

UW Swim lessons bring joy as well as competence in the water. The smiles and individual accomplishments make it a party!

UW Swim Lesson Prices:

1/2 hour swim lessons (4 sessions): $120

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